Editorial Consulting

Sarosh’s strengths lie in diversity & inclusion, developmental editing, and sensitivity readings. As a mother of an interracial daughter, a daughter of immigrants, and now a neighbor, friend, and teacher to war-fleeing refugees, Sarosh’s specialties as a sensitivity reader are wide-ranging. She reads for:

1) Pakistani-Indian (South Asian/Desi) diaspora identities, culture, and history

2) Middle Eastern and Turkish identities, culture, and history

3) Muslim & Islamic history and experiences

4) interracial relationships, blended families, immigrant/refugee narratives, first-generation experience, chronic illness, terminal illness, body image, and multi-cultural homes.

5) World history, US history, Islam, North African and Asian cultures and history, de-colonial history. 

Sarosh is a member of Tessera Editorial and has completed work with leading companies in various fields to develop material including: NBCUniversal, Dorling Kindersley Limited (DK) books, Marvel/Disney, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan Press, Westchester Publications, A-Z Learning, Amazon Publishing, Penguin Random House, Sourcebooks Inc., TRT World News, NBC News, Callisto Media Inc., Page Street Publishing Co., Erewhon Books, Choice of Games, Quarto Publishing, Library Journal, Mudpuppy, CeresEd, Webtoons, Library Journal, Straive Media, E-Dynamic Learning, TRT World News, CSA Education, and more.

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