Sarosh Arif
Sarosh Arif is a Pakistani American, Muslim, award-winning author, artist, editorial and education consultant, a life-long educator, and a Columbia University-educated entrepreneur. She has a versatile range of skills and have been developing content and consulting on projects with various companies and organizations around the world including co-writing a non-fiction history compendium with Wide Eyed Editions, We Are the United States, and being named the 2022 Walter Grant recipient for her writing as a Muslim author.  She has extensive experience as an editorial lead in managing and developing education and literary content. She also has three degrees in history, political science, and education related fields and has been working for more than a decade including in the classroom as an educator, on-air as a researcher, manager, and writer, and behind the scenes developing and consulting on media, programming, and databases, etc. to bring to life actionable, meaningful, and diverse content for all ages.